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Turtle Beach Z2 Headset Review - Sticky Trigger

Sticky Trigger - The Turtle Beach Z2's Grabbed my attention due to the popularity of Turtle Beach headsets, and the notoriety they have as being "THE" gaming headset to use.
My first impression upon taking them out of the packaging, Was they looked damn good. Upon looking at the cable there are several noticeable things about it, For one thing, It is Long, 3 metres long in fact, The cable feels durable with standard 3.5mm Audio and microphone jacks, and closer to the headset, It presents the ability to disconnect most of the cable with a connection which looks to be a ps/2 connection, providing the ability to switch it to another breakaway cable if you have seperate ones for consoles and pc. On the cable that breaks away is an inline volume control with a microphone switch, And also has a 2.5mm hole for a cable to plug into xbox 360 controllers, Which must be purchased seperately if you wish to use it as a xbox 360 headset.

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