Blackberry Officially The Coolest Brand in South Africa

MobileBliss: It appears that Blackberry is still cool in some parts of the world.

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KonohagakureFC3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Well most teens here in S.A do have Blackberry's it's not surprising they'll think it's cool

Rashonality3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

and that's why i hate teenagers

Patriots_Pride3394d ago

No joke man.

Her in the Caribbean and central America Black Berry is every where.

The reason is because its cheaper to pay say $3 a week for BBM serv which includes FB,Yahoo,My Space, twitter than actually texting and calling people - plus the internet in these regions are extremely slow so phones like the galaxy and iphone are practically useless without the 4g.

KingPin3394d ago

well considering its the only phone that comes with flat rate fee for unlimited internet usage of 60ZAR its well worth it. sure the hardware isn't anything fancy n the apps arent anything spectacular its the best value for money.

if u buy any other phone other than BB u have to resort to internet bundles which is ridiculous. something like 49ZAR for 100MB.

I think coolest isn't the right word to describe it. most cost effective phone in S.A would be more correct.

Masta Kaos3394d ago

Alot of people go for Blackberry here in South Africa because of the cheap internet service.....Its mos def not a cool phone @ all.