57% Of PC Users Have Pirated Software

A recent study conducted by The Business Software Alliance, a group belonging to the anti-digital piracy campaign, reached in its ninth annual Global Software Piracy Study. The survey included 15,000 users coming from 33 distinct countries around the globe and it has found out that 57% of PC users have pirated software...

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Yi-Long3394d ago

... and are thus way overpriced for those who use it for personal non-commercial use.

A good example is Photoshop ofcourse, which many people tend to download illegally.

Honest_gamer3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

im allowed a free copy of the web design package as im a uni student who has signed up to the adobe thing that gives free software to students, and i still pirate it, why? it downloads faster, i can get somethign of tpb, demonoid etc allot faster than the adobe site ofcourse i use my ligit key so i can get updates etc but i use torrent sites for the downlaod

Also your right the new photoshop (cs6) costs £200 for an UPGRADE and £630 FOR A NEW COPY, thats way over priced

thorstein3393d ago

Well, the real error is in how the article claims there is "pirated" material. First of all, just because I use bittorrent, doesn't mean I support piracy (as the article claims.) Second, even use of Pirate Bay doesn't either. Case in Point.

I purchased Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition. Since I bought it digitally, I download it. What is the fastest way to get that version that I LEGALLY own? Bittorrent. And when I needed to download it subsequently (note: it isn't on the MS website) it is off to Pirate Bay to download a torrent of it.

Saying that using BT or Pirate Bay is "supporting piracy" is like telling a young married, pregnant woman without health insurance that using Planned Parenthood for prenatal care is "supporting abortion."

What an argument fail on the BSA.

Honest_gamer3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

or that person can live in scotland and not need health insurance :/ which is the biggest scan since religion, but your right theres ligit files on tpb etc, hell id rather put a backup on tpb than pay for cloud storage etc but i jsut keep backups on a usb but im 100% sure theres ligit files on tpb

thorstein3393d ago

"Health insurance is the biggest scam since religion."

PERFECT! I wish I could give more than one thumbs up and more than one bubble!

Saxism3394d ago

Try then buy is best. If you make money off of a software tool and couldn't bare to live life without that tool then purchase. Otherwise why should a normal consumer care? That's capitalism at its finest.

thorstein3393d ago

I think the best model is how the latest Humble Indie Bundle is sold (pay what you want for DRM free software.)

ChrisW3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

I try to buy first... but somethings aren't available where I'm at. If a VPN can't allow me to buy quasi-legally, then I say screw them for making it so hard to get.

SleazyChimp3394d ago

"A recent study conducted by The Business Software Alliance, a group belonging to the anti-digital piracy campaign" Those numbers sound biased to me. Sounds like the beating of war drums trying to gather up support for their cause. Why wasn't there an "Independent study" done instead. Almost 60 percent have pirated software? Come on, that's WMD in Iraq all over again.

hellvaguy3394d ago

Lets here all the lame excuses and rationales for stealing. Hmmm im gunna go with i was hungry to the point of starving so i had to steal the bread. Wait thats a line for something else, nvm.

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