An Open Letter to All Blackberry Users: Ditch Your S***

Tech Analyzer:

"Blackberrys are dead. They are no longer cool. They shouldn’t even be considered smartphones. Yes, they have an app store but quit frankly,just like the actual phone, it sucks."

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Strongfist363396d ago

My thoughts exactly. I never owned one and I have never wanted one.

Admittingly, I wanted an iPhone. When carrier restrictions wouldn't allow me to get one, I got a G1 on T-Mobile

Never a BB though...NEVER WILL I EVER

ThePundit3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

That article was a waste of time, bandwidth, and battery life.

TechAnalyzer3395d ago

Your opinion is well respected. Thanks for sharing.

fatstarr3395d ago

Article is spot on. its a dying brand it will turn into the first touch screen phones and old palms. used by a small group of people and businesses.

it will be the xp of the phone business world

KiLLeRCLaM3395d ago

I agree with the guy. Blackberry phones do suck and they all look the damn same.

artdafoo3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Lol, if you read the original article some fool from Venenzuela chims in talking about how its still the most popular phone in his country. That is all you need to know right there people ! Blackberry is still hot in Venenzuela ! An almost 3rd world country ruled by a nutball, Yea and I hear Myspace is still huge down there too ! Blackberry is on its last leg, get over it.

TechAnalyzer3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Hey, be fair. I do understand that BB is still popular in many third world countries. A few of my friends tell me that they use BB because their mobile providers do not have the proper plans and networks to support phones like the iPhone and Android devices.

Speed-Racer3395d ago

RIM partners with many 3rd world providers to offer crappy BBs at extremely low prices with overpriced EDGE plans. Some of the countries where 3G and 4G are coming on stream are where Android and iPhone are finally picking up.

justpassinggas3395d ago

I agree with you but at least Venezuela's nutjob keeps his nutjobbery quarantined to his country. Now, the American government...

Would you rather have a psychopath in an asylum or on the loose with a cannon?

artdafoo3395d ago

Well maybe if the nutjob wasnt a damn near Commy his country wouldnt be stuck using 10 year old cell phones. Funny how other countries hate us still they need our money or help.

justpassinggas3395d ago

Needs your help? LOL

Most countries around the world that aren't completely poverty stricken don't get a penny from the US.

And before you mouth off against a failed system (Communism), look in the mirror and see how your failed economy of rampant capitalism is doing. At least under Communist rule, you never go hungry, homeless, or sick.

Dumbass nationalist Americans are the reason the world and many Americans hate America.

Love your country but don't hate on others.

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