Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps app with 3D mapping is coming this summer, and we have photos

BGR: Apple has been working on an in-house mapping solution for a few years, and it appears as if the company is finally ready to release a new Maps app for iOS, sidestepping Google’s mapping data for its own.

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iSpy3397d ago

We can call it as iMap.
It will be better than Google map.

KingPin3397d ago

i dont need 3D maps. turn-by-turn voice navigation is more than enough. lets face it, you'll be too busy focusing on the road to notice the 3D map on your phone.

ps - hows the free Turn-by-turn navigation on the iPhone? oh wait....

Another case of apple saying "we need their idea, but we will advertise it like we the first to have it. our minions will eat it up like candy and we will sell bucket loads of phones"

fatstarr3396d ago

Silly iSpy.

Google maps is the best simply because its free and stock on all android phones.
with turn by turn at no additional costs.

Blasphemy3396d ago

Thanks but I will stick with Google maps, the free better version.

Trenta273396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Not when they get rid of it. Also, Apple's is free too.

Speed-Racer3396d ago

Google won't take that standing down.

KingPin3396d ago

why would Google get rid of it? its a selling point for android. just one of many over the iPhones. Removing it would be daft.

the question would be how long will Apple keep it free for. we know they don't offer any free service forever.