Human eye and iPhone 5 equals 477 PPI at 12-inches writes: Apple mentioned the ideal pixel density is around 300 PPI, pixels per inch, when they mentioned the specs for iPhone 4/4S and its Retina display, so considering there’s 326 PPI for the Retina display it seems like this is ideal for the human eye. This has led to many phone users wondering why have over 300 pixels per inch if the human eye cannot see it? Reality is a little different according to research we’ve tracked down.

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danswayuk3399d ago

Now 477 PPI sounds good for iPhone 5, and considering LG are almost there it makes sense for Apple to increase PPI as well.

ricky3603399d ago

I will look at the iPhone 5 display when released, my eye tells me if it's better.

Noctis Aftermath3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

440ppi? great! but....

"LG launch a 5-inch full HD LCD panel"


Now phones are reaching power levels that most people will need, there will be a greater focus on picture quality of the screen and battery life, LCD is inferior in both of those aspects.

dirthurts3398d ago

Doesn't LG make a lot of Apple displays?

tehnoob33399d ago

Yes if you want to get completely technical, but at 12inches away and with some anti-alaising and some other tricks 300ppi+ doesn't have visible pixels.

SuperM3399d ago

Antialiasing is not gonna make pixels less visible. It only makes images less jaggy. If you can see pixels before you apply AA you will be able to see them afterwards aswell. The image will be smoother but the pixels are just as large and just as visible as they were before.

danswayuk3399d ago

It's in fact iPhone 5, if the last version's were iPhone 4/4S, although if we're talking generations then this is the 6th generation. Take it from someone that has owned every generation. The name of the next iPhone is not yet known, and the main reason most people call it iPhone 5 is the feeling the last generation was a minor upgrade.

kevnb3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

iphone, iphone 3g, iphone 3gs, iphone 4, iphone 4s, then drum roll... iphone 6. Or maybe they will just call it the iPhone like with the iPad.

danswayuk3399d ago

So they jump from iPhone 3gs to iPhone 4, and then from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5. This is what will happen unless they do like you said, The iPhone. iPhone 6 will be 7th or 8th generation, again unless they go with The iPhone.

Speed-Racer3399d ago

Flawed logic is flawed. The next iPhone will be either dubbed the iPhone 5 or something like, the new iPhone etc etc.

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