Software We Use But Hate

PC Mag: Many of us spend a large chunk of our day on the computer. So, when you add up all that time—at home, at school, at work, and on commutes—it's not surprising that we occasionally get frustrated with something on our laptops or desktops. No system is perfect (no, not even a Mac), nor is any peripheral or gadget. And don't get us started on apps and OSes. Actually, let's do sound off.

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2pacalypsenow3408d ago

Its not just the Android app thats slow also the iphone app is almost worthless it crashes and take minutes to load the homepage

Speed-Racer3407d ago

I disagree with:


... the others... yea I can agree. At least it wasn't a biased list like that rubbish post the other day.

GiNJAXL3407d ago

iTunes: The only people that still use that craptacular 'program' are apple fan-boys and people who are unaware that just about every other media player allows you to put your music on the iPod.

FireFox: Yeah it's massive ram whore now and it's a shame. I've made the just to chrome but I still have to use Firefox for certain apps.

I have no idea why people still use Office.

Kwertie3407d ago

The facebook android app is so poorly coded. It constantly uses between 20-50% CPU when its just idle

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