Is Facebook about to buy Opera to create own Facebook browser?

Pocket Lint:
A Facebook browser that would allow you keep up to date with your social life from in-built plug-ins and features on the menu bar could be on the cards. Pocket-lint has heard from one of its trusted sources that the social networking giant is looking to buy Opera Software, the company behind the Opera web browser.

According to our man in the know, the company could be about to expand into the browser space to take on the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla and now even Yahoo, who has recently launched its own browser.

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Mogoko3401d ago

We don't need this!! Leave it at facebook, we dont need time wasted given updates every 5 seconds.

Mogoko3400d ago

You don't need to be notified of updates whilst your not on the website.

Speed-Racer3400d ago

You can disable notifications if you like if you just take a few minutes out of your very busy life to tweak things.

arnyftw3400d ago

Oh god, if they do this they should just go ahead and make a FB os

fatstarr3400d ago

I dont know why but this is extremely redundant.

I love opera, Ill download the newest versions b4 it gets corrupted by Facebook.

very poor idea on zucks end if he tries to execute on this.