Comparing Intel Core i5 vs i7

PC Mag: There is a wealth of difference between Intel Core i5 vs Core i7 CPUs. We break it down and explain what it all means for your next desktop or laptop purchase.

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fatstarr3405d ago

Really shame on intel for this though,
making a mass marketing campaign to manipulate the masses
no specs that the geeks want its just 5 or 7.

the question i get asked on a weekly basis's is I3, I5 or I7. and its so hard because none compare to their desktop counterparts.

sjaakiejj3405d ago

The article isn't really convincing. It basically uses the Intel Marketing data to provide an argument as to why i7 is better than i5, but it doesn't provide any hard data.

From the benchmarks I've seen, the only major difference between the two is hyperthreading, a feature which so few applications use right now that I can't even think of one that does (except for benchmarking programs and compression software).

In terms of games, there's not really much of a difference at all.

Pain_Killer3403d ago

There aren't much games outside which make use of Multiple cores inside current generation hardware.

You're right that an average user won't even see a difference while computing whether he's using an i5 or i7.

Only the development and rendering applications can make use of the extra threads on the i7 processors.