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SSD price war in full swing

HEXUS: Now's a good time to pick up that solid-state upgrade you've been longing for.

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sjaakiejj3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

I'll wait a little longer, price war isn't going anywhere, and prices will only go down (and slightly up on occasions because of rising external costs, such as oil prices).

toaster3412d ago

Jump. I did. I got a 64GB Crucial M4 for my work laptop and man what a difference. I'm a believer now. I still think the higher cap SSDs are still way too expensive for me, but when I upgrade I'll probably go straight to SSD for the main drive. No hesitation.

sjaakiejj3411d ago

I'm definitely interested in an SSD in terms of speed, though I'm still a bit cautious in regards to price and reliability. I'll probably end up including one in my next build as a main drive though, together with a regular Hard Drive to store my important data.

ssean2273412d ago

I paid almost 400 for my first intel 80 gig ssd. I just bought a 120 gig intel and a 180 gig intel ssd both for what I paid for my 80

snoop_dizzle3412d ago

I've actually started looking at hybrid drives like the Momentus XT which offer similar performance in some areas alongside a lot more space. But supposedly that can vary a lot.

But at this point for something like a boot drive, a 64gb SSD under $100 isn't the worst. Where I see SSD's really take importance is ultraportables. I'm looking to buy one once more Ivy Bridge ones come out but for now I'm eying the next MBA, Lenovo X1 Carbon or the Asus Zenbook.

toaster3411d ago

I have a Zenbook! The thing is blazing fast. Mine boots up and is ready to go in about 18-20 seconds.

GrumpyVeteran3411d ago

Got an old SSD, works nicely but waiting til a larger capacity SSD falls down to a respectable price.