NVIDIA’s Kai will help manufacture $199 Quad-Core Tablets

appsplit: "At CES 2012, NVIDIA took the stage alongside ASUS to show-off a budget-friendly quad-core tablet dubbed as “ASUS MeMo”. It was supposed to be priced at $249. Well, rumors suggest that since the announcement, this tablet has been cancelled or probably rebranded as the next tablet by Google a.k.a Nexus Tablet."

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fatstarr3407d ago

Its about time someone stepped up to the plate and leveled out the ridiculous tablet market.

when there's a cheap tablet it has garbage specs and the cheapest screens

hopefully this strategy will change that. a quad core tablet for under 250 would make me smile especially with a dual boot android windows 8 device.

crazytechfanatic3407d ago

Finally, decent tablets with decent specifications

This will kill off anybody anticipating 799$ INTEL tablets and 999$ Windows 8 tablets