Sleep Mask ‘Remee’ Allows You To Control Your Dreams, Inception-Style

NRM writes "What if you were able to identify dream from reality? What would you do if that world you’re seeing you knew to be made up of projections of your subconscious? Lucid dreaming has been scientifically researched for decades but is still relatively unknown to the average person. But that might well be set to change..."

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Cat3408d ago

Wonder what the ramifications are of long-term lucid dreaming. If dreams, by design, work through the day's sub/unconscious "problems", exerting too much control over that seems like it would cause, well, madness.

NewMonday3407d ago

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Kerr, Halle Berry, Emmanuelle Beart and Emma Watson(22 now and legal)

already lined up

fatstarr3408d ago

this looks interesting I will wait for the reviews. Lucid dreams are fun when you get them. being Iron man with anime powers is the greatest thing I have ever done.

extermin8or3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Lol I have narcolepsy, Lucid dreaming is a 'side effect' or symptom if you like so I get it fairly regularly, although I've always found that my subconscious tends to try to force control away from me if have too much which either results in nightmares or me waking up :/

Lord_Sloth3407d ago

Nobody has Nacolep- *snooooooooooore*