You Should Care About the Wikipad 3D Because it Could Be the Future of Handhelds

BNR: You've probably been hearing that the iPad is the future of gaming- well that's not true. If everything goes right, it'll more likely be the Wikipad.

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fatstarr3417d ago

when will people learn that if it doesnt Have Nintendo, sony, sega or microsoft slapped on it. the product wont be taken serious by the gaming community.

sure your product can sell 2million but its but a drop in the 50 gallon bucket that is the industry.

seems like another forgettable tablet that will have a year lifespan just because of the market its in. tablets are more of a want where videogame consoles have been edging up in the world as a need because it sticks around for more than 4 years and holds a sense of value behind it.

its too late for anymore real competitors in the market of pure video games if you ask me.

Jourdy2883417d ago

On the one hand, the big dudes have a stranglehold on the gaming industry. No guarantee the Wikipad will break it. On the other hand, the mobile gaming sector is rapidly expanding. That, and I suppose it's time for an updated article since the people behind the Wikipad are now working with Gaikai. In short, it could get proper, man-sized games. It could do great things.

ChrisW3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Offending the N4G community is like offending sea slugs.
They'll just throw up their guts at you and mope away.

extermin8or3416d ago

hmm interesting still my vita is better than both that and the mentioned ipad in gaming terms and should even if it only had sony's 1st part devs behind it get more hgh quality titles so :)