Looks like today we'll be clocking out early...


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Yes, please.

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And about five posts that are not disturbing.

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Human beings

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More worried about the old world order. What if the Romans came back!?

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Japan has spent tons of money on robot technology and look where they are. This time schedule seems ridicolous, and given that the last time we got an innovation this impressive from Russia I wasn't alive, nor was anyone else, I'd say this is plausible at best.

Genetical reversal of aging, that's where the future is. Goddamn Russia and their obsession with robot-like humans...

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Wow, for some time now anonymous has gotten really silly. I don't care if there are fifty people in there who wants to do noble things, what we generally hear from Anonymous is threats against people and corporations with opinions that differ from those of Anonymous. Attack sopa not the people who support it. Even if they are dumb.

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Firefox, Chrome, Opera
With so many good choices one has to wonder why some people use IE

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Yeah, and there's nothing wrong with getting attention to important matters per se. Even though announcing announcements and tweeting "who can be trusted and who can't" without reasoning, is incredibly tabloid, and is part of Wikileaks own agenda.

My point was simply that there are matters, that even with free flow of information doesn't need to see the light of day. Individuals are entitled to privacy, and even public figures are in...

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Anonymous is a lot more like the Joker

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"Search Poisoning: Attackers will increasingly use SEO techniques to optimize malicious links among search results"

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I'm not against WikiLeaks, but I'm certainly critical to a lot of what they've done. First of all Wikileaks can be very tabloid.

While they do shed light on secrets that shouldn't be secret a lot of they're announcements have been attention seeking that might do more harm than good. For instance - the ambassadeur cables - US ambassadeurs talking crap about other countries, because they were giving their exact, unadulterated opinion of other countries's...

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Could you be anymore diffuse? I'm all for standing for something you believe in, but if you're going to raise awareness and get a point through you should focus on simple topics and preferaby present a solution or a course of action. For instance:
"We think the official 9/11 report is sketchy - start an independent investigation"
(The sentence above does not represent my opinion)

Not "We dislike poverty... stop poverty!"

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I never thought I'd say this, but this text is borderline discriminating! Never have a text been based more on personal experience and less on actual industry insight. But I suppose it's supposed to be more of a light humoristic text, so it'd be a bit silly to get offended by this :)

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Damn, they're on to me

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No, they've probably just not been included in the research. The letters seem to be arranged pretty accurately, at least based on similar stories I've seen earlier. E, A, N, T, O are popular letters for instance.

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Yay! Sort of thought these guys were unbreakable for a minute.
If he is one of them of course.

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Might go for this one. But I'd like if an iPad 4 didn't arrive 10 months later.

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If you can't make more than any others, you'll have to sell a kidney, a leg or a heart if you want the little extra. Either that or work high up in the public sector. That's communism for ya ;)

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Apple fanboys are sort of mainstream hipsters. I like Apple, but there's not denying that you are paying a lot more than you would if the same product was made by another company.

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I'm tired of this war on hackers. I miss the war on terrorism and the war on low prices.

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