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My Z5P got a official Nougat 7.0 update a full 3 months before my wife's S7 did, also why the hell would you want a os loaded with bloatware that cant be uninstalled? Much prefer the streamlined os of Sony's phones over the bloated mess of Samsung's.

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They'll remove the screen next and millions of numptys will still drop £600 on buying it because it's innovative.

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Had a 64 back in the day, sold it for £50 so i could buy an Amiga.

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The last one makes me laugh, get paid to use bing, jesus, ms must be totally desperate to pay people to use bing and Edge. lol

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First thing i did when my PC updated to the anniversary update, then spent the next half hour uninstalling all the bloatware crap the update reinstalled.

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Lol, that's a good one, mind if i use that on my next scumbag call?

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lol, i can guarantee that once a week i get a cold call from "Steve" or "Bob" (with Indian voices) at ms services, stating my PC has a virus and that they can help me get rid of it for a small reasonable fee, i usually keep the scumbags on the phone tied-up pretending to be a complete PC novice(they must licking their lips) until i get to the payment part where i tell them to "shove" it up their arse, slamming the phone down while laughing like a madman. Brillian...

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Try Ultrasurf, it hides your true IP address so you can get round those blocks with ease.

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Reads like a fanboys wet dream.

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Yet Sony was hammered for having a 4K screen on the Z5 Premium, now all of a sudden Sammy are doing and it it's fantastic.

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Android oem's are the same, Samsung load there phones with 5h1t bloatware like ms office apps that cant be deleted, i mean who the hell is going to use excel or powerpoint on a 5.5" screen? Pointless.

@Speed-Racer below

"I guess the upside is you can load your own custom ROM if the default one doesn't cut it"

Nope, the Snapdragon on Sammy S7's doesnt allow rooting anymore, one of the reasons i got rid of the ...

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Total disgrace, ms have gotten away with these questionable practices for way to long, i installed w10 on my gaming rig when it came out, a least once a day, i would experience a BSOD , usually when i in the middle of an intensive gaming session, went back to W8.1, not had a BSOD since.

ms seriously need to be bought down a notch or two for pulling crap like this.

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Well said, I gave up social media over a year ago after i realised i was spending more time on Facebook than with my son, i have never been back on and never will.

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Good article, i personally love my Z2 and am looking forward to the Z6, C'mon Sony, announce the damn thing.

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Have already reinstalled W8.1 as a duel boot option with W10, W8.1 is still my go to OS, W10 is a buggy mess with alot of issues that need sorting before i use it as my main OS.

Still cant believe you cant un-install some of the bloatware MS has installed in W10 with-out jumping through hoops. Just stupid.

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My win10 pro likes to change resolution randomly, it changes the taskbar colour to blue whenever i come out off a game even though auto colour is turned off, it automatically shuts down the workstation service whenever it wants, so i cant contact my server, the thing that bugs me the most, is the utterly useless crap bloatware which i cant delete.

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This guy has been watching The X-files: I want to believe movie.

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In the UK, electric companies actually pay you if your panels are attached to the grid and producing excess electricity.

Also, the government will give out grants to buy the panels with.

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Totally agree, i had both a iphone 3 & 4, looked at the 5 and saw nothing that merited a upgrade, i went for the Z2 in the end, great phone, much better quality than the iphones, OS is also so customisable.

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Urrm, made by Foxxcon in china with cheap labour.......

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