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Eradication of Earths population loves... Polaris
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Or just turned it into helium like in Mars Attacks!

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So does this mean that Netflix will be defunked within the next year or two? They keep losing contracts with these money-hungry studios, so will it just be bare bones come this time next year?

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Nice, either another facebook piece of crap, or another scumbag company selling your info to "interested parties", not sure exactly what its trying to be.

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I disagree. I live in NJ & out of all the providers I have had, Comcast is the best for internet AND cable tv. Where I live now only gets Cablevision/Optimum, which is HORRENDOUS! Internet is slowest I have ever had, cable reception is almost always broken up (as if it were coming from a dish getting interference), and EVERY LITTLE THING like On Demand has to be paid for separately BY PACKAGE (paying for X channel does NOT give you access to that channels OD). Verizon internet is so-so...

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Cute chick in the pic

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