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It's a clickbait article. It depends on what you search for, if you're looking for local establishments, you'll see a lot of ads for local businesses. However if you're looking for something that's not a business, you won't see as many ads.

On top of that, the "study" is also looking at whitespace on the screen.

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My Paypass works everywhere.

There are other things that NFC can be used for as well, not just mobile payments.

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"Introducing Microsoft Surface, a new tablet device designed for people who want more from their tablets. Has a keyboard, integrated kickstand, Metro UI, comes in two different configurations..."

"No thanks, I have an iPad."

"Introducing the new iPad*. 50% more magical. Also, it's a different colour."


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I thought that Facebook already bought Instagram? And then released this camera?

Additionally, there was some fuss that you needed to have your GPS enabled to use the camera. If you had it disabled, you'd crash the app. Anyone know if that's still true?

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They're actors. And like everything else, you've got good ones and bad ones.

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She's just playing hard to get. Don't worry buddy - you'll get er.

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I thought that Windows already had antivirus software built in?

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Save bandwidth - never loads
Faster - when it does load, doesn't load half the stuff you want, ergo is faster.

But yeah, it sucks. I only use it for notifications.

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A really significant way that advertisers get around this is by the small print in the corner of the screen. It'll say something like "simulated screens," or "process sped up." Something like that. It's how they acknowledge that they know their product won't work like it's being advertised.

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Women have standards.

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I like how Aspberger's is thrown around like a catch-all ailment. Not dissing anyone that actually has a *legitimate* diagnosis, but often times you find it's a bunch of assholes giving themselves an internet diagnosis.

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I wonder if Apple sees the irony in their 1984 commercial.

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