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Sorry to hear you guys are still having issued getting prizes out of the Havamedia people. THey sure did run their sites into the ground. It used to be fun but then they employed shitheads on N4G as admins and an incompetent dipshit like JL over on Filmwatch do things the way they saw fit. Sonic and Speed have both been incredible guys and in my opinion they best site runners of the crew. So please don't grief on them.

I was able to get all prizes owing to me out of Hav...

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As for all your prizes that were not paid out, I basically went and started emailing the top dogs listed on the Havamedia site. They were actually pretty quick to respond to me and within a few days they paid me out everything I expected from the Filmwatch site. try and hold their feet to the fire. You busted your asses to post news content, comment on things and keep this site moving and shaking. You were promised prizes for your hard work, which, let's be completely honest - is a lot of...

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What makes you think he left completely? lol

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That's cause N4G is the major traffic driver in the website family.

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Nice tip. Normally I skip the Tab series tablets. I don't know why I'm such a snob about them but I've traditionally had the Nexus tablets but this looks and sounds like a solid little machine.

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I have to admit I still don't understand bitcoins and the whole crypto-currency thing. Can someone out there explain the allure, purpose etc to me in extremely small words? For example, I understand it's digital currency that's generated by a computer etc but would these not technically be used mostly by criminals?

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I've had my LG G3 since it launched and I have to say that I'm still quite pleased with it. Nice specs though. They should keep people looking at quality porn on the go for years to come.

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My mobile gaming consists of things I can play while sitting on the can. If I want a real gaming experience, I jump over to my consoles or PC. I hope I won't ever have to put the consideration of "How well do games run on it and can I get 4K resolution at 60fps" when deciding on a phone.

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Why bother? The idea that this will somehow save the planet or reduce the need for petroleum products is BS. Part of the issue with this as I see is Hydrogen and electric vehicles are so much more costly and for the most part down right useless. The Electric vehicles are getting better yes but they still have a long way to go and if you think about it, 2025 is not THAT far off into the future. What about long haul drives? Will they have the ability to recharge batteries in minutes over the ho...

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Gotta re-coop that $50+ million in debt he racked up.

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welcome to canada. We get effed in the 'A' way worse than you folks in the US. I told you this was coming years ago. Further to that point, we can all expect to start being charged for data types.

ie: $5 for Youtube, $3 for Facebook etc etc. Just wait. It's coming and we can do nothing to stop it.

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HAHAH! Butt kisser

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I did that in response to someone else who was on this page about a year ago. He made a post about Nokia and I flagged it as incorrect because he needed to tag Nokia but he refused and had a monumental suck attack about it. lol

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I hate to say it because it shows my complacency to such things but... is this a shock to anyone? In the age of big data being BIGGER MONEY it's not terribly surprising.

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This is both cool but sad at the same time. Good post.

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That is some nuckin futs technology

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I can't even imagine that anyone actually cares about this device. BB should just come to grips with the realities of the industry they pioneered. They're outdated and very few people want to use them any more. Sell off your technologies and move on.

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that's an awfully bold statement to make saying we'll be there in 20 years. Personally I'd be surprised it it were going to happen successfully in the next 30

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There's a way to turn that function off. I haven;t used Win10 outside of a test environment at work but i read an article about turning it off

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