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You will find that the people pushing these shady statistics are part of a larger conspiracy to overthrow democracy. Not unlike the early social engineering of the Nazi/Socialist party in Germany.

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That better not be the logo because its looks like rubbish.

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Yet another example of the PC hit gang starting trouble where there is none.

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He says anything to drum up support whilst secretly censoring and restricting freedoms behind closed doors. He did it to gamers not to long ago. He said they are a great method of expression but at the same time he had just put together a panel to look into censoring them.

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Thats ridiculous, it is indeed irresponsible and juvenile but 2 YEARS? Another reason not to live in Ca. All that's needed is a fine and community service.

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oh and there is the part of clone armies..

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Disagree wholeheartedly. Many of these American based companies are overstepping their boundaries because the government allows them to and keeps kids believing its for their own good through propaganda. These practices have become even more invasive over the last few years and with newly formed laws that allow the Feds to detain American citizens without cause it is now more important than ever that we protect our privacy.

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Yea because the government has done so much better...

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Try searching free download on google. Try posting a news story that makes the government look bad on a major social network site and see what happens. We don't have any internet freedom.

And comparing the USA with totalitarian regimes like Arab nations and Communist states isn't fair either. Would be more realistic to compare to New Zealand.

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If googlestein put as much effort into blocking political ads as they do censoring freedoms the world would be better place.

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For the record, I do not cheat on exams. That being said, 90% of the stuff I am learning in college is irrelevant to my career choice. Getting an easy A and moving on would be a blessing. The information is useless and serves only to keep me from getting my degree. And to top it off the professors don't give a hoot if the majority of their class fails (70% fail rate) so if students have to resort to cheating I would not look down on it.

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Obama seems to have no problem using the data to persecute people he doesnt like. And he is involved in a lot more scandals than you realize, including a few that have resulted in dead Americans. Im no Bush fan but you should realize the government in its present state is the most corrupt it has ever been in American history.

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The IRS here in the USA openly admitted to targeting/auditing political enemies. Remember Snowden? Recently it was outed that veterans were dying while waiting for healthcare.

The government is NOT your friend.

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I envisioned Will Smith saying this. IRobot was awesome.

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You will find especially here in the US this gay rights movement has been hijacked by a socialist party that is now using it as a weapon to attack political dissidents.

Something like this except far more overblown happened back in 2012 with Chick Fil a simply because the CEO said he supported traditional marriage. A massive manufactured controversy ensued that included inappropriate protesting, boycott attempts,harassment of employees, vandalism and even some surprisingly ri...

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Dont care. I will continue to use Firefox.

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Nice try with that last part. Marked as offensive.

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All about money if Smartphones never took off I guarantee you 4g would be dirt cheap.

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Not likely. Iphones biggest user base is female. It is used as a fashion statement amongst college girls (believe it). Making it bigger would interfere with is fashion accessory position and wouldn't be a smart idea.

Im an htc guy btw. Still using the EVO 4g lte

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Whats funny is Microsoft tried this a decade ago and it never took of. Ironically it was called the Microsoft Surface. But this wouldnt be the first time Microsoft was early to the party it happened with tablets as well.

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