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It already does. You need to install the Developer release.
If I remember right:

Stable - Beta - Dev - Unstable - Canary (Daily)

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You clearly don't understand what saying "gift from God" means. It doesn't mean it made it, it means it's something AMAZING - like something God would make.

You people are jumping to conclusions like it's the olympics.

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The point
The Earth's crust
Your head

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He's saying it's one of the greatest things that could have ever come about you ignorant swine.

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Take a chill pill man.

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Just too good.

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I like how someone disagreed with you, as if they like this sort of thing.

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For people looking for the official link to their new controller announcement...

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Once the steam box is announced, development on linux will explode.

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Just searched from my google. Nearly no ads, official links higher than 'unofficial'

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Before there were ads I couldn't find anything unless I knew exactly what I was looking for. Too much crap was at the top.

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That's most likely the area they want to fill, casual games for the TV.

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Great idea, lets blame the guy with his balls in a vice rather than the guy tightening it.

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You make it sound like they lost consumer trust.

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The sad thing is that half of these were forced onto users (IE, Outlook and Bing) and still did terribly.

Outlook was a great refresh, but too little too late.

Bing has a nice look for it's maps, but too late, and now google has matched it with their new maps.

And IE is integrated with Windows, so... Part of the reason why I love chrome is there's no messing with getting the default search to be Google again.

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'Nuff said.

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Youtube Options by spoi (yes, from their site) is the absolute best I have ever used. It even has direct download links to the mp4, webm, 3D option for those, and flv along with different quality options. The only thing it doesn't have is youtube thumbnail ratings, which has it's own extension

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I love you Google. You find the websites, answer my questions, and find where I need to go. You can have my personal contact info anytime.

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Mine is less than 10 seconds from the press of the power button. 1 second for fans to spin up, 3 seconds to get past bios (including 1 sec selection screen), 3 seconds to get to start screen, 2-4 seconds to load desktop.

Kingston Hyper X SSD 120GB
AMD A10 5800K APU @ 4.4GHz
ASROCK FM2A75 Pro4-M Motherboard
G.Skill 8 GB DDR3 @ 2133MHz

And if you don't like the Start Screen, get Start Is Back. It's the best out there, and like $...

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