Will a 5 inch iPhone 5 Introduce iOS Fragmentation?

Tech Analyzer:

"So, how exactly would a 4 inch iPhone affect the iOS ecosystem? We still expect the iPhone to keep up with sales, fanfare and the likes, however, as with any hardware running near identical software as differentiating hardware, we expect their to be a growth in iOS fragmentation."

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Gondee3417d ago

I Don't think there will be a 5 inch iPhone. 4 is more likely. With increased hardware power its completely possible to emulate the DPI change and correct the issues. Just like apps from 3GS to the 4. That was simply double. But with enough raw power, im sure you could do like 1.33 or whatever it works out to be

TechAnalyzer3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

The 5 inch was a typo. Silly me. With this, it's more than a DPI change. So it won't be exactly like the 3GS to the 4. If it were that simple, Android wouldn't be suffering from fragmentation.

Dday1413416d ago

Will this provide ointment for my rash?

Elvis3416d ago

If apple decides to go with the rumored 4" screen, then i'm sure they will keep the same aspect ratio.. so there won't be a problem.

Also, I recommend you read this article about fragmentation.

Strongfist363415d ago

I read the article and I disagree and agree. Yes, everyone has fragmentation but no, not every one's level of fragmentation is the same. The article on phone arena says that fragmentation doesn't come from software updates? Rubbish. With each new Android version, apps have to be reworked, which in itself is fragmentation.

Also the article "Will a 4 inch iPhone introduce Fragmentation" already declared that Apple has fragmentation.

givemeshelter3415d ago

You will never see a 5" screen on the next or any upcoming iPhone

TheController3412d ago

the next iphone will be the iphone 6, not the iphone 5. the 4s is the 5.