Scotland to Harness The Power of The Sea For Renewable Energy writes: "Scotland is looking towards tidal energy in order to provide electricity for millions of homes. The new method, which places turbines, similar to wind turbines, on the seafloor, could be a major step in providing renewable, carbon-free energy in the United Kingdom. Scottish Power will be trialling the turbines, a Norwegian turbine called the Hammerfest 1000, next year."

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gaffyh3414d ago

Took them long enough, I saw a TV show talking about tidal energy in the UK a few years ago. But that show also talked about wave energy, and how someone had developed a snake-like design that sits on top of the waves and creates electricity from it.

sjaakiejj3412d ago

Wave energy (using the snake-like design) has been in use for quite a few years now, and has been relatively ineffective. I hope these turbines will perform better.

TechAnalyzer3412d ago

Won't the electrical conversion warm the ocean up?

Speed-Racer3411d ago

The ocean would expel the the amount of heat is insignificant to cause any drastic changes.