When it comes to online privacy, the UK is already screwed

iVPN: Last week’s formal announcement of the UK government’s CCDP surveillance plans, may be the last nail in the coffin when comes to the online privacy of UK citizens, but it certainly isn’t the first. The UK has for some time led the way in Europe when it comes to a complete disregard for the privacy of internet users across the country.

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hiredhelp3410d ago

Signed up. Fedup with goverments one law for them another for us.

Yi-Long3409d ago

... but it's here at last.

SilentNegotiator3408d ago

I, for one, welcome Big Brother's installment of Oceania.

(Fake stone smile)

Doesn't the UK have like a billion cameras set up everywhere anyway? Is INTERNET privacy really "the last straw" when you couldn't fart on the streets without being on camera?

hiredhelp3408d ago

Its not last straw buts its just another example of our goverment throwing there weight around needlessly but yet when they do something wrong they get away with it.

No we dont have cameras everywhere some bigger city's known for high crminal population may have more than normal but most city's have some scatterd around town.

We like our privacy so when your emails being snooped on or bank details would you like it.?
Personally i love it if someone took out goverment bring in people from the real world not been born with silver spoon in there mouth's.

sjaakiejj3408d ago


"We like our privacy so when your emails being snooped on or bank details would you like it.?"
As long as it's by an official entity I don't really care.. Why would I?

You're quite protective of your privacy, but to accuse the government of being evil for keeping an eye on the population you need a whole lot more than just "privacy", as "privacy" hides some of the most terrible things that happen in the world today.

Remember last years riots? People didn't feel safe on the streets any more, and the only reason they weren't able to continue is because almost everybody involved was arrested thanks to CCTV footage within days of committing the crime. This "invasion of privacy" actually helped the citizens, and has done so countless times in the past. (Think Terrorist Plan prevention through "spying" on their privacy)

kevnb3409d ago

and people go on about communist countries, its all the same. The people with the money decide how things go for all of us. Here they use shame over arms, but its all the same. Unless of course you mean north korea, that place is just nuts.

TheSaint3409d ago

Meh, I don't do anything illegal, so why should I care?

jessupj3409d ago

Thank goddness very few people are as moronic as you.

sjaakiejj3408d ago

Unfortunately there's plenty of people who are as paranoid as you though.

What are they going to do with your recipient list? Threaten you by sending them an e-mail?

Unless you're doing something criminal, your data will never be looked at, so I don't see why you should worry. They've been gathering this data for years, and I honestly don't even notice a difference between Sweden and England.

I downloaded an episode of Fringe in Sweden, and then in Sweden.. Haven't been arrested yet. I accessed Pirate Bay here and in Sweden.. Haven't been arrested yet...

TheSaint3407d ago

Explain how that's moronic? To be not guilty of anything?? I have nothing to hide, do you??

Soldierone3408d ago

Before long we will get "speeding tickets" on the internet.....just watch.

Why o why3408d ago

yeah, like . . .

you've been charged with streaming too many different porn clips at peak times. fupm