Banned PlayStation Hacker Sees Hope of Return in Jailbreaking Deliberations

Wired: George Hotz, an infamous hardware hacker better known online as Geohot, has a PlayStation that he’s not allowed to play with — at least not the way he likes to — which involves figuring out how to bypass manufacturers’ artificial barriers on what users can do with the devices they buy.

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LackTrue4K3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

that image is an xbox 360 (fat one) :/

ChrisW3415d ago

And so it says... if you read the article.

Patriots_Pride3414d ago

LOL - Jusr read the headline and posted a comment I see.

Are by any chance a member of N4G?

Neko_Mega3415d ago

Good luck, I don't think he be screwing up a Sony product for a long time.

morkendo233415d ago

hope he's not blabing off the mouth again.

WitWolfy3415d ago

Blah blah blah... I CALL YOUR BLUFF!!

sjaakiejj3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Not the homebrew BS again lol. We don't live in the fantasy world where that is what the majority of people use a jailbroken device for.

I know only one person who has a jailbroken Ps3, and he sure as hell isn't using it for home brew or running linux. And why would he? It's much easier to run homebrew stuff on your laptop, and if you really want you can connect your controller to it.

It's passable for iPhone and PSP (though most people don't use it for that either), as that's something you carry with you, so you can use homebrew stuff on-the-go. But Ps3?

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