Green Cars To Incur More Taxes Due to Lack of Fuel Duty writes: "Eco-friendly cars may start to be taxed in different ways as governments start to lose money due to reduced fuel duty income. The UK Treasury has announced that it is reviewing the current Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) bands, which are based on carbon emissions of vehicles, to ensure that drivers make a ‘fair contribution’ to the public finances as cars become more fuel efficient."

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gaffyh3411d ago

Btw, it's not talking about green colored cars, if anyone was confused hehe.

Patriots_Pride3409d ago

Thanks for clearing that up gaffy - I almost went to the paint shop to get my car sprayed yellow -_-

frelyler3410d ago

So..everyone keeps saying to get cars with higher MPG's, then they turn around and punish us for using less fuel. GTFO, big oil companies need to die a very painful death.

Speed-Racer3410d ago

That's exactly how it works. New innovation emerging?... beat it to the ground with Thor's hammer.

nix3410d ago

you should watch "Who Killed the Electric Car?" documentary.

gaffyh3409d ago

They'll do the same with cigarettes and smoking, they tax it so much that they get an insane amount of revenue from it, but then they want people to quit. They don't really think about what happens when everyone does quit, and they need to fill that massive revenue gap. Personally though, I don't actually think they want to stop smoking, just have the guise of wanting to.

dcbronco3410d ago

When things are taxed because they cause some kind of harm that the public tolerates, I get it. But now they want to tax something because it helps eliminate the harm caused by the other thing? So what our governments are really saying is we are taxing the first thing because we want more of your money. We couldn't care less if it kills you.

Fadetoblack693410d ago

Like anyone finds this surprising. Governments aren't there to help the people, they're there to collect money so they can sit on their collective fat asses and never have to do any real work themselves. If you could get through life with an unlimited supply of money and never having to hold a real job wouldn't you?

Anyone surprised by this needs to open their skull and hit their brain repeatedly with a brick ;)

Kwertie3409d ago

There's so much wrong with this I don't know where to start. They go on and on about the bloody environment and carbon footprints etc. Currently they tax cars based on emissions, the more your car smokes, the more you pay - it was a way of rewarding people who bought more eco cars in that they had less road tax (sometimes none at all) to pay.

They also used to offer a scrappage scheme too, where you could trade in any old shitbox and get something like £3000 off the price of a new car, again trying to tempt people into buying new, more efficient cars.

And now they are backtracking saying that since there is less fuel being used that they need to raise the taxes? Why do I get the feeling this tax hike will be across the board instead of targeting the people who are using less fuel? My car only does 35MGPG, so the government still gets mad amounts of money from me.

Add to that the rececnt farce where the fuel prices hit something like £1.43 per litre for petrol and the warning of some phantom strike which caused panic buying - it seems like the government just wanted to hike the price up of that and effectively force people to buy petrol at the higher price, since it's now fallen back down to £1.34

Well I was thinking of getting a bluemotion polo that does something crazy like 90mpg, but screw that now.

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