Apple gets green light to seek Samsung tablet ban in U.S.

Cnet: A U.S. appeals court gives Apple a chance to get Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet banned from store shelves. If Apple proceeds, it could shape next week's settlement talks.

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PaPa-Slam3412d ago

They'll probably get it banned.

-Mezzo-3412d ago

Here's a fact for you bro, you're Fanboy will never die, though it should immediately.

This is just Apple trying & hoping to get lucky, quote me on this Samsung products will never be banned in US, and Apple will either withdraw or lose this lawsuit.

jony_dols3411d ago Show
chriski3333410d ago

Apple is like a little school girl rich daddy bitch, daddy they are making fun of me and taking my money:( daddy the us court system don't worry I wont let another person or company take ur $ give it up apple u lost ur bag of cookies

Software_Lover3411d ago

This $h!t is getting ridiculous. Some judge somewhere has got to put a stop to all this crap. Apple is not the first/only corporation to come up with everything. No one really knew of them before the f'n ipod. Now they are getting too big for their britches as the old saying goes. When they fall (stock prices) they are gonna fall hard.

Software_Lover3411d ago

And when I talk about ridiculous, I mean all these companies and these stupid patent lawsuits.

GanjaMan3410d ago

but the thing is apple stole the ipod design from a english man but they kept denying it intill like 2009 where they finally admitted it and he got millions!

he patented is in like the late 70s but he coudnt afford to keep patenting every year so he gave up and apple basically stole the idea.

kingPoS3411d ago

It's so annoying when patents are used as c**k blocks, at the end day it's the consumers that loose out.

KingPin3411d ago

if this keeps going on, the future of mobile devices is gonna look like this

wanna make a call - nokia
wanna instant message - blackberry
wanna slide to unlock phone - iphone
wanna take HD photos - SonyEricsson
wanna take HD video - Samsung/HTC

better buy some pants with more pockets.

cheetorb3411d ago

I wonder if apple has an itoilet for all icrap that comes from their legal team

Agent_hitman3411d ago

Whoa! this is gonna get ugly guys!

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The story is too old to be commented.