In the piracy debate, both sides are telling outright lies

Techradar - At the start of the year everybody was up in arms about SOPA and ISPs were being forced to block Newzbin. Then it was ACTA and The Pirate Bay.

Next month we'll have another bad law to fight and another badly behaved site to block. Meanwhile, piracy of software, video and music will continue regardless.

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BrutallyBlunt3415d ago

This reminds me of what happen with music. Consumers were frustrated with having to pay high prices for a few good songs and the music industry (still) takes advantage of consumers. Often packaging recycled CD's with a couple of new songs. iTunes has changed that, offering more freedom of choice at the expense of sound quality. People still pirate music mind you as technology has far advanced counter measures to stop it.

That's really where we are at, a global market that is easily connected and easy to grab whatever your heart desires. In the process they have made it more cumbersome for people who do want to do the right thing. Putting in DRM, having to be connected and so on. It still doesn't excuse those who don't pay for their content.

Captain Qwark 93414d ago

screw itunes dude, zune is where its at. unlimited downloads 10 bones a month. i used to pirate music all the time, for the exact reason you said but now that i have zune, id gladly pay 10 a month for safe downloads whenever wherever.