Adobe requires payment for critical Photoshop CS 5 security fix

What's Hawt: After discovery of a critical security flaw in Adobe Photoshop CS5, they are now recommending that users upgrade to CS6, at a cost though.

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Speed-Racer3417d ago

I don't know how to react to this. In a normal case, it definitely is unjustified because I use a lot of premium web software and security updates are always free, but I don't know if they are just trying an alternate method to recover money from pirated copies. Oh well, I guess people will be hitting the high seas again *hint hint*

Somebody3417d ago

So they lost revenue from pirates and the most logical way to recoup those losses is to charge legit paying customers for a critical security fix?

I too don't how to react to this news.

Man, no wonder Google and Apple are campaigning furiously to get rid of Adobe products of any form from joining HTML 5.

GamingPerson3417d ago

I have admit they make top quality products. Converting flash to html5 is awsome. The problem is they have no competition like wacom.

Series_IIa3417d ago

Adobe seems to be getting worse each year.

I cannot gain access to my AVL account and having trouble updating my workshop machines... Adobe needs to step up a gear pronto.