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Apple 'planning to sell £150 iPad Mini AT A LOSS in order to kill off Android tablets'

Dailymail: Apple is planning to launch an assault against the burgeoning Android tablet market by releasing an 'iPad Mini' - at a loss-making price of around £150, according to new claims.

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gaffyh3419d ago

I don't think it will make a loss at all, because I'm pretty sure that Apple makes a huge margin on the current iPads and iPhones.

killerhog3418d ago

An iPad is an over-sized iPod touch, now they're releasing an iPad mini? It's funny, me and my bro friend (when he was driving me home) had a discussion about apple dropping the iPod touch in favor of the iPad and I guess we were right. My point is, I dont think it will steal anymore then what thy already have (as a fan base) from android. Will I get the iPad? No. Will I get the iPad mini? No. I have an iPod touch 4th gen, is all I need right now.

Strange_Evil3418d ago

And a HDTV is an oversized SDTV am I right? Jeez when will people realize that they are targeting 2 different markets.I won't go out and buy an iPod Touch if I want an iPad and vice versa.

And of course they'll steal more than they currently have!!! What kind of a stupid statement is that? The Kindle fire based on Android came out and sold a lot solely on the fact that it was a cheap alternative to the iPad (It currently has 20-25% of the tablet market share which is more than the 5-10% the rest of the Android tablets together have)...

If Apple releases a cheaper iPad, it would be lights off for Kindle and any low priced Android devices. Again, I don't see Apple doing this, but if they did, it would overnight kill it's low priced competitor. You must remember.. The ONLY way Android is competing with Apple in the tablet market is through cheap Tablets... Take that advantage away and we have the tablet category being renamed as the iPad category like the iPod did in it's day.

Welshy3418d ago

Apple is starting to echo Nintendo with the DS.

Release iPhone: charge £600
Release iPad (big iPhone): Charge £600
Release iPad Mini (back to near original iPhone size again): Charge ANOTHER £600 for a "new" product.

I really liked my iPhone 3 and 4, but with the "S" iterations and re-release of iPads branded as new, i reckon i'll be going down the Android road!

The creativity clearly died along with the late Steve Jobs.

killerhog3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Strange evil

your comparison between HDTV and sdtv to garner a point is dumb.

You really gonna compare an sdtv to an HDTV to prove me wrong? An HDTV has a higher resolution, more colors (palettes), flat screen/backside, usually comes with USB ports, wi-fi, Internet, must I go on? An sdtv has, limited resolution, limited palettes, oval screen, huge back side, and maybe an s-cable and composite plugs? Nice analog. I love when people like you try to act like they know what they're talking about but in actuality don't.

You have to understand that apple already has an establish market, where people at least own one of their products therefor some do not upgrade. Doesn't matter if they release a cheap ipad its gonna take more to get their already established market to upgrade or to steal its competitors share. If i had a kindle, why would i want an ipad mini? Especially if i owned an itouch along with the kindle? Why would I need an iPad? Music? Tv? Video? Internet? Apps? Camera? Wi-fi? Sorry I have an iPod touch for all that. Or in my brothers case, a netbook that does way more and for the same price. Then add those to the equation that own both companies products. Not much stealing apple will do to kill android lol.

Btw, my brothers friend is a software engineer who has an iPod touch and isn't going to get an iPad anytime soon or sees any incentive into getting it over the stuff he already has. My brother wants a tablet but he wants a samsung or toshiba brand as he had nothing but good experience with those companies. Oh look at that an established market.

fatstarr3418d ago

pretty sure they sell each and everyone at a profit. only costs a small amount to make one .

if they did this strategy for every product they might be able to take over some markets.

mushroomwig3419d ago

Why would it kill off Android tablets? Hasn't it ever occurred to Apple that people just PREFER Android?

You know, people talk down about Sony for making arrogant statements Apple can make statements like this and nobody bats an eyelid.

thebudgetgamer3418d ago

Where does it say Apple made the statement?

Anarki3418d ago

Well said. There are just too many apple fans about these days.

thebudgetgamer3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Is it wrong not to hate Apple now. There's a lot more Apple haters around here.

fatstarr3418d ago

#1 apple hater on techspy before day 1.

there are too many apple fans more than there should be

SnakeCQC3418d ago

there are just too many haters in general these days i mean everyone has preferences why should anyone care what other people choose to buy.

mcstorm3418d ago

@Erudito87 I agree with you. Ive never been a fan of apple products because they don't work for what I want them to do. I was a big Linux fan until MS brought out windows 7 and since then MS have really been the company that sits best with me for what I want out of my tech. I have a WHS2011 at home that my 2 PS3s and 2 360s connect to as well as my 2 Android tablets and both WP7 phones for all our music videos pictures ect. I could not have this mix of tech with Apple products and this is the reason I don't like them but Apple products are very simple to use as they are an app launcher and nothing more and for the none tech people that's all they need.

I never want to see Apple drop out of the market just like I will never want Sony Nintendo or Microsoft to drop out the console market as it keeps each one of them trying to out do each other.

People are too childish these days and there item is always better then yours even though they don't know what the others offer. At the end of the day I have and always use what best fits into my life not what everyone else is using.

Now to the small IPad I don't see apple doing this until Microsoft or Android start to eat into the Ipads sales and they are not doing that yet we will just carry on seeing the same size tablets and phone from Apple until there Market share is being taken form them.

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LOL_WUT3418d ago

Really people prefer Android? I guess thats why its selling so good right?

KwietStorm_BLM3418d ago

Are you being sarcastic? Because Android has the largest marketshare in the US and the world.

IHateYouFanboys3418d ago

It has the largest market share because of cost and licensing though, not because of quality. having a crappy version of it on every sub $50 phone out there doesn't somehow make it the best.

I don't see the point of a smaller iPad, the current size is perfect.

spektical3418d ago

^ that depends i think iOS is pretty crappy for an OS. i like Android, I can do more with my phone than what you can with an iOS. its ToS and platform protection. APPLE is super paranoid about it, whereas Android its pretty open for the most part.

DJ3417d ago

We don't bat an eyelid because Android tablets suck. Apple would be doing us a favor.

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SJIND3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Even though Apple selling iPhone and iPad with huge margin, they might face losses with this mini iPad... They use good quality materials in their products not cheap plastics...

gaffyh3418d ago

It's not made out of THAT good quality materials, but better than anything else on the market.

Speed-Racer3418d ago

And I thought I was a troll.

gaffyh3418d ago

Ha ha, yeah, I just don't think they're anything special. Apple products are always over-priced, although I've got an iPad 2, and 3 iPhones in my household LOL.

Speed-Racer3418d ago

@SJIND - yet the moment they drop, they shatter.

SJIND3418d ago

ha ha Apple wont shatter so soon... until samsung

killerhog3418d ago

My iPod dropped 4 times hard and still running and no broken screen either. I do keep my electronics in good condition but you can't always prevent those falls.

tehnoob33418d ago

Samsung will never fall as a company they are to big. Apple may dwarf Samsung when it comes to market value, but Samsung has industry in consumer electronics, shipbuilding, telecom, engineering and construction, financial services, chemicals, retail,heavy industries, entertainment, and medical services

Speed-Racer3417d ago

I've seen too many cases of iPhones dropping and shattering or cracking (no cases) vs. Samsungs and HTCs falling (even face flat) without damage. SJIND is just trolling without any real facts.

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KiLLeRCLaM3418d ago ShowReplies(1)
XboxInnovation3418d ago

iPod touch is the best. Kindle fire is also amazing. Both cheap in price.

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