Pocket-Lint: Pure Evoke Mio Union Jack pictures and hands-on

Pocket-Lint: Apparently, there are a few "events" happening in the UK this summer. Well, we wish somebody had told us - we's planned a big Pocket-lint barbecue and now Prince Charles and Rebecca Adlington have cried off because they've got "something more important on". What could be more important than munching on one of Hunter Skipworth's famed pork and popping candy sausages, we ask you?

We're also starting to see a proliferation of Union Jack-adorned gadgets come into Pocket-lint Towers. Now, either there's a major sporting event coming to town, a royal Jubilee, or a trend for old Brit Pop bands to reform in order to play a festival or two. Surely, not all three - that would be madness.

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