Samsung Galaxy S3 Versus iPhone 4S: Has Apple Finally Met its Match?

Mobile & Apps Writes: "Excitement levels are through the roof with the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone that is gearing up to be Samsung's most successful mobile device. The closest competitor to the Galaxy S3 is the Apple iPhone 4S, and today we're going to compare both to see how these devices stack up against each other."

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Kroganwrex3416d ago

Apple met it's match 3 years ago. It's been catching up since.

thebudgetgamer3416d ago

Another phone that's gonna "take down" the Iphone. How many is that now forty, fifty phones that tried?

thebudgetgamer3416d ago

People have been talking the downfall of Iphone for years yeet it is still the smartphone to beat, before you go on I understand you hate everything Apple I don't care.

TheEatingOrange3416d ago

LOL wtf.. Galaxy S2 already beat it

SJIND3416d ago

S2 already beat iPhone? I don't think so, I agree S2 is good competitor, not the best... For me iPhone 4S is best phone in market... I like moto razar maxx than S2.

spektical3416d ago

ur crazy. more powerful smartphones out there.