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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg: Too Immature To Be CEO?

AOL: He may be leading a soon-to-be-public company that employs more than 3,000 people and is valued at $100 billion, but Mark Zuckerberg isn't your father's CEO.

Through his management style and decision making -- especially the decision to leave the board out of a recent $1 billion purchase -- Zuckerberg, 27, has already made it clear that he cares little about the traditional way business is done.

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SnakeCQC3421d ago

uodate to story- zuckerberg fraped the authors facebook status

mushroomwig3421d ago

I think jealously is a big part of these recent anti-Zuckerber articles.

Kurylo3d3420d ago

Lots of older people like to feel like they know how to run buisness, but most of those people also know nothing about being innovative.

SKUD3420d ago

With the money hes made selling peoples information. He's got no one to answer too. DON'T FORGET TO UPDATE YOUR STATUS!.

dcbronco3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Sounds like a bunch of clowns that hate the fact that a kid has done more in the first ten years of his business life than they will ever come close to doing. His company is growing. And continued to grow during the depression while many others with their experience mature CEOs floundered.

I believe he is crazy to go public though. This is only the start of the anti-Zuckerberg talk. They will question his every move and will do everything to get him out. Remember what happened to Steve Jobs. "Business" people don't get innovation.