Our Source Has Seen The Apple HDTV, Here’s What It Looks Like

Cult of Mac writes "We have a source who claims to have seen a prototype Apple high-definition television set in action, indicating that Apple is readying the long-awaited device for market.

According to our source, who has asked to remain strictly anonymous, the Apple HDTV looks like Apple’s current lineup of LED-backlit Cinema Displays but is “much bigger.” It has a built-in iSight camera for making free FaceTime video conference calls. And it has Siri, the iPhone 4S’s voice-activated virtual assistant..."

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SquishyGorilla3419d ago

I'm not sure about the use of Siri in a TV, the same way as I don't use Kinect voice to control functions while playing movies. Just seems pointless.

KingPin3419d ago

its pointless but its marketable. just like almost every other Apple product out there.

dated hardware at ridiculous prices. thats Apple motto.

mushroomwig3418d ago

Long awaited, seriously? I doubt that very much.