ORIGIN EON11-S Gaming Laptop – Small, Sexy and Cheap

DigitalNoob - ORIGIN PC has announced its brand new compact, high performance laptop. The compact EON11-S is going completely against convention. This laptop highlights portability and style with robust gaming and sheer power. This energy-efficient computer contains 7 hours of battery life, and can be customized to conserve power during low usage and configured to maximum performance during gaming. Weighing in at just 3.9 pounds with battery, this diminutive rig packs a lot of punch.

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mushroomwig3419d ago


Starting at nearly $1k, I think we have different ideas of what cheap is.

StarbuckSpitfire3419d ago

For a gaming laptop, that's cheap. My Alienware was about twice that price.

bub163418d ago

wow this is a crazy price. I bought a HP laptop with nearly twice the specs of this for £389