iPhone 5 Concept Images: iPhone Plus Ultra Smartphone

IBT: The upcoming Apple iPhone 5 has created plenty of online speculation but it won't be long until we hear the official specifications and possible release date for the latest iOS smartphone.

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SJIND3422d ago

I know it will be better than S3.....

LOL_WUT3421d ago

Of course it will i can't wait till this releases i'm soo stoked.

BlackPrince 423421d ago

Probably not in terms of raw specs or features, but Apple does a much better job then Samsung at integrating the software with the hardware and they have better aesthetic sensibilities.

chriski3333421d ago

sorry both of you are wrong s3 is the new king lower ur heads in shame!

SJIND3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

King is having Plastic Body....
How will you like that?
Note is better than this..

Strange_Evil3421d ago

The crap looking plastic phone is the new king yeah right. Even the One X is better than the ugly looking S3... THe iPhone will blow it out of the water when it releases.

Rattlehead203421d ago

Because it's plastic? I don't buy my phone because it looks good...I buy it because it's practical.

It's a phone not a damn piece of fashion.

Strange_Evil3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

^^^ Good for you. I'd much rather get a better looking phone like the HTC One X. I am done with Samsung. They just want to maximize profit and don't give a sh!t about their products. They could have easily gone for better material and made the phone much better looking (hell they basically own all the fabrication plants, they themselves supply most material to other manufacturers like Apple and they can't get their own sh!t right!!).

Another let down in the phone is the crappy pentile display. It's such a downgrade compared to the One X or even the high DPI of the iPhone 4S (Ironically Samsung and LG creates Apple's retina display)...

This was supposed to be Samsung's 'Flagship'... Scratch that, this was supposed to be 'Android's Flagship', but Samsung dropped the ball. Also stupid rip-off's of Siri like S-Voice... Come on Samsung.. They even copied the Siri iterface!!!

The S3 just seems like Samsung's attempt to get as many sales as it can before the iPhone arrives (which could be wwdc June.. though unlikely)... And why would I want a plastic looking toy when I can get a much better Polycarbonate body of HTC One X or the rumored Liquid Metal case on the new iPhone? Maybe they aren't a fashion statement, but I'd rather looking at a beautifully crafted phone everyday than a crappy looking glossy plastic phone which looks like a flattened Galaxy Nexus.

mcstorm3421d ago

I just feel we will be let down by apple again just like the IPAD and Iphone 4s was a let down. For me Apple need a big change in there OS as at the moment the device I want the most is the Lumia 900.

I maybe wrong Apple may give us something that will blow us all away but if I go off the last 5 years I don't think they will.

SJIND3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Ya Lumia 900 is better than S3...