Apple OS X Lion debug flaw allows for login passwords to be viewed in plain text

What's Hawt: A debug programming flaw in OS X Lion 10.7.3 can allow anyone to view FileVault user passwords in plain text.

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IllusionRSN3420d ago

Wow... I'm sure they'll get it fixed up real soon tho. They're pretty good about that kinda stuff.

Speed-Racer3420d ago

Apple really needs to step up their security though. Their product is fast becoming popular and things like this can no longer be overlooked.

ngecenk3420d ago

they're being very smart about this security fiasco. next osx has a 'feature' only to install app purchased from mac app or trusted vendor. though it can be easily shutter down, average user won't have the virus problem anymore.

i honestly think the recent virus attacks is actually a good way to promote this 'idea'