US claims 'unprecedented' success in test for new fuel source

Could the future of cleaner fossil fuel really be frozen crystals now trapped in ocean sediments and under permafrost?

Backed by an oil industry giant, the Obama administration recently tested a drilling technique in Alaska's Arctic that it says might eventually unlock "a vast, entirely untapped resource that holds enormous potential for U.S. economic and energy security." Some experts believe the reserves could provide domestic fuel for hundreds of years to come.

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GrumpyVeteran3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

...and then what? Even if we've got hundreds of years ahead with it.

Also, I don't believe solar and wind are our answer.

laid2rest3420d ago

It wont matter to you anyway you'll be dead.

GrumpyVeteran3420d ago

I know (unless nanobots make us immortal lol), but nevertheless it's worth wondering imo.

aviator1893420d ago

Of course, nothing lasts forever. Though, this might help to lessen the load for a few lifetimes.

SnakeCQC3420d ago

solar and wind are potent and abundant sources of energy remember that solar powered plane that ran for 26 hours straight?

Captain Tuttle3420d ago

It's a very simple conversion for an engine to go from gasoline to propane, natural gas or whatever. It basically involves new carb/injectors and a new manifold. With this stuff you'd have to build the pipelines and infrastructure but that already exists with natural gas. Hell, I'd love to be able to hook up my car at my house and fill the tank with natural gas.

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hazelamy3420d ago

fuel cells, that use hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, and produce only water as waste.
that's the kind of thing they should be working on, not exhausting yet another finite resource.

you can use any renewable source of electricity to turn water into oxygen and hydrogen, and when you recombine them to get power you get the water back.

this new fuel would just delay the problem.
or just keep going deeper and deeper, until we've hollowed out the whole planet.

that sounds like a sustainable plan.

and what if they figure out a way to use seawater as fuel? the oceans will be drained.

i mean seriously, base your whole ecnomy on a finite resource, then when there are fear that resource will run out, look for another finite resource.

there's a huge nuclear reactor out there that won't just provide energy for a few hundred years, but for millions.

but no, that's not practical, hollowing out the planet is a much better solution. o_O

Mikefizzled3419d ago

Surely draining the ocean wouldn't that bad as the polar ice will definitely melt and there is no stopping it but when they melt lots of low lying areas would become permanently submerged and then that would be lots of money wasted.

SKUD3419d ago

Whatever it is. It will cost more then current energy prices. The working man still looses.

Deadpool6163419d ago

If only Tesla Tech wasn't shunned, we wouldn't have this problem. Oh know how it is. If companies can't make money off of whatever they're using, chances are they won't fund it. Using technology for the betterment of man is ignored for the betterment of the companies bank account. There the biggest bullies in the world and they hold the world back. I wish all the people making new tech for the making the world a better place all my good will. Greed has ruled the world far too long.