DIY Web Design vs Pro: which one you should go for?

Geeks Have Landed: Having your business online has lots of advantages including attracting customers from around the world. People gauge who you are and what your business is, based on what you present in your website and equally important is how you present your website. Sometimes, even if the information you provide on your web site is vital, people won’t pay much attention to websites that are shabbily designed or poorly maintained. Therefore, depending on your business or personal needs, it is highly essential to design your website elegantly, and keep it clean and clutter free with easy navigation.

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Speed-Racer3426d ago

Even if you don't want to learn the entire thing, still be knowledgeable for troubleshooting purposes, or else you'll end up spending a lot of unnecessary money.

Soldierone3425d ago

The issue I have is a lot of big companies have absolutely horrible websites, and somehow they still get traffic....I don't see how half the time.

I think if you are "outsourcing" your website you need a lot of business tactics first. The most important thing? Deadlines. I noticed A TON of web developers that will sleep for months just because they secured a good deal with someone. You are paying them anyways, so why bother getting it done fast? That and its "oh well now we need this and even more money....." They take advantage of it. I've seen developers take a year just to do a simple java application. Have a deadline (have them cough one up), if the developer can't do a substantial amount of the work before then, get rid of him.

Second most important, as stated above, still have knowledge about it. Talk to a variety of developers and get quotes. A lot of them think "oh he knows nothing, so I will make up some BS as to why I need a higher paycheck" If you know a bit beforehand you can ask questions and not look stupid, and scare them a little bit. Perhaps catch them in the scheme and not fall for it.