Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S – Can it be a Competitor? Can Samsung’s new flagship device outdo the iPhone 4S?. We’ve already compared the HTC One X. The Korean company revealed in late February that it had shipped over 20 million Galaxy S II devices worldwide in just ten months which then lead to a (supposed) record amount of Galaxy S III pre-orders from carriers and retailers. Not only that, but the Internet just couldn’t get enough of the device; there was an incredible volume of information coming out of the rumor mill leading up to today’s unveil. It’s got quite the competition to go up against, including Apple’s iPhone 4S, which to this day still remains one of the hottest smartphones on the market. We already know that Android outdoes Apple’s iOS, but can Android hardware outdo Apple’s famous hardware?

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raytraceme3421d ago

btw this phone is meant to go up against the iphone 5 NOT the 4s ;)

chriski3333421d ago

i know right,but anyways s3 shall blow the iphone right outta the water

fatstarr3421d ago

the S2 and the galaxy s do that already.

KingPin3420d ago

why are they comparing the samsung to the iphone 4s? it doesnt even make sense. its like comparing a xbox360 and ps2. really now?

the galaxy s2 was a better comparison. why do they still think the iphone 4s can compete?

if they wanna do a comparison, try the SGS3 and HTC One X.

the 4s is a has been. let go and move on. wait for the next iphone.