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How Samsung broke my heart

The Verge: The first laptop and phone I bought with my own money were both made by Samsung. I can't say I've ever fallen in love with the company

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Ramon3MR3425d ago

Can't beat their LEDs though.

Brawler3425d ago

sadly the s3 is a pentile so your going to be able see pixels like the nexus. I agree samsung let me down to me this was like the 4s for apple nothing special.

chriski3333425d ago

really? ppl need to chill out i think this phone will be amazing!!!!!!! Samsung knows their electronics.

thereapersson3424d ago

They all SUCK. EVERY Samsung phone I've used has had nothing but glitches, reception problems, crashes, etc.

My current Motorola device has a few issues, but brings about nowhere near the woes that my last Samsung phone brought me.

SJIND3425d ago

Agreed wholeheartedly...

Speed-Racer3425d ago

Only because you like Apple.

Brawler3425d ago

I agree to the article I have an s2 and i feel this isnt enough to warrent an upgrade. Its similar to the HTC ONE X and doesnt even look as cool. And sadly I live in Canada they will probably give us dual core with lte like the one x :(.

Speed-Racer3425d ago

I can't get over the size of the screen though :( The One X and the S3 are pretty huge :/

Brawler3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Ya I agree the screen is just soo big I thought the nexus was large enough but I guess not.

chukamachine3425d ago

I've got the S2, and i'd think about upgrading, but the screen is massive.

On another note.

My other half has the 4s.

Both good phones, both well made.

Software wise, apples is easier for alot of people, that's the reason people love it. And of course this comes into apple vs android.

I prefer android as it's open. But once jailbroken. 4s spreads it's wings sts.