Samsung Galaxy S III HSPA+ arriving in May, 4G version hitting North America this summer

Engadget - Okay, okay, it's here -- but when can you actually get your hands on Samsung's Galaxy S III? Well, if you're in Europe, you're looking at a May release for the HSPA+ version. Those of us in North America, Japan and Korea will have to wait a bit longer for speed -- the 4G version of the handset will be hitting those areas in the summer.

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-Mezzo-3424d ago

That's a decent upgrade from the Galaxy S II, but i really don't like those round corners of the Phone.

Guess it time to upgrade.

chriski3333424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

if it come to Verizon i shall be upgrading day 1 from my old droid X

Elvis3424d ago

I have to disagree with you, it's not worth it to upgrade if you have the GSII, but for the people still rocking the GSI it's worth it.

I'm still rocking the good ol' Blackberry 8520 so the difference is huge and I'm really considering to buy it but the PenTile display is a big letdown.

I guess i'll have to hold it in person to decide. :)

chriski3333423d ago

I have the old smelly droid x so it will be worth the upgrade

Cryptcuzz3423d ago

I believe it is better to have the corners round. That way, it would be easier when putting it into your pocket as well as taking it out from your pocket.

Then again, it could be personal preference as well. I personally liked the fact that it is round like the Galaxy Nexus I have now.

PaPa-Slam3424d ago

I honestly expected more.

Liquid_Ocelot3424d ago

I expected more as well....

-Mezzo-3424d ago

I think it's a good enough upgrade, way better than what Apple does with their Phone & iPad each year.

wjbjnr3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Overall impressive but same Mali 400mp GPU ???, that's not fair!, it should have been something stronger !

Also the current S2 users might think twice before buying it, making it less popular, (GPU is a let down!)

iNFAMOUZ13424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

1.4ghz quad core
wtf you troll
no one gonna think twice,except maybe only igay i mean iphone its sexy, shoot i know ill be upgrading lol.

Speed-Racer3424d ago

The US version most likely will be dual core. Not sure why.

Elvis3424d ago


It's because LTE, the quad-core Exynos doesn't support LTE.

Speed-Racer3423d ago

Thank you Derek =) I assumed that was the case but didn't want to say outright till I was sure.

Cryptcuzz3423d ago

Even with a dual-core version, it would be quite comparable since it probably would be based off the A15 processor, instead of the A9 of the 1.4 GHz quad-core in it now.

Not sure if it is true, but based off of the HTC One X, Samsung must make it at least that good.

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adamant7153424d ago

All these constant upgrades are getting hard to keep up with tbh..

If I bough a GSII would I be really outdated? Or should I just wait for this?

Wintersun6163424d ago

SGS2 is just fine and nothing to be ashamed of. I'll be skipping SGS3 because my contract lasts until 2014.

SJIND3423d ago

Well can upgrade from S2 but S3 but its big wont fit in pocket...

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