Samsung Galaxy S3 to run Windows 8 in October

PC Advisor: Ahead of this week’s Samsung Galaxy S3 launch the rumour mills are grinding hard, and the latest juice spilled is that the S3 might not just be an Android smartphone but also appear running Windows Phone 8.

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SJIND3434d ago

Competitor for Lumia..

SJIND3434d ago

Windows Phone is nicer than Android Phones.
Ease of use, Performance is better than in Android.
Metro tiles looks nice in Larger Screen...

duplissi3433d ago

if you dont think android is easy to use then you just might have some.... issues. also with ics android runs like a dream, soo soo smooth.

duplissi3433d ago

meh, while win phone is fairly orginal (the UI), and runs very smoothly it just doesnt have the same breadth of functionality and customization that android has. besides that the app store is still only a fraction of the size of the play store.

SJIND3431d ago

Ya . Win AppStore doesn't have much apps thats main problem. But I like UI of WP very much. and I havent used ICS.