Android topples iOS for mobile OS top spot in the US

What's Hawt: According to a new comScore report for Q1 of 2012, Android has pushed its way to the top of the US mobile OS charts.

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Speed-Racer3433d ago

It was sure to happen, mainly because of the spread among various brands.

KingPin3433d ago

agreed. but i think its of higher quality too.

Speed-Racer3433d ago

Oh yea, since 2.3.7 and 4.0 + better handsets from guys like Samsung and HTC, definitely getting there. I wish they would streamline things though. Sometimes those custom UIs can really get in the way. I recently installed CM7 on my phone and was amazed how much bloatware I got rid off.

tawak3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

agreed, every brand has android even no bodies brand from china, its like
"apple vs the rest of the world"

IHateYouFanboys3433d ago

how many phones have iOS? 2 that are still in production, maybe 3 (i dont know if the 3GS is still being made, or the 4 to be honest).

how many phones run android? hundreds, with the majority of them being crappy sub $50 ones that you buy at a discount store.

of course there would be more android phones out there lol. going by individual phone model sales though, none match the iphone.

seems like im the only one around here that thinks android is, to put it bluntly, shit.

Gondee3432d ago

your not the only one, I too dislike all current android offerings. all of them just seem to degrade so fast, and 6 months later you have some 2ed tier phone that won't get the new version of Android. Ill stick to a phone that I will like 2 years down the road.

gamernova3432d ago

Galaxy s2? 3 is about to come out and yet I am still perfectly fine with it.

Speed-Racer3432d ago

:| I've had my N1 for about 2 years now. While it's not the hottest thing on the market, it's still been a solid performer. Just because new devices come out every six months doesn't mean you have to go buy it.

duplissi3432d ago

50 bucks? maybe not where i live.... because the cheapest you can get a phone out of contract here (northeast US) is 150 bucks and that is for the super cheap samsung straightalk or boost mobile phone...

and it is a piece of shit but not for 50 bucks so lets not exagerate, for instance my atrix 2 (basically a reskinned droid bionic-same dual core, 1gb ram qhd screen) was free on contract with att. well it was only free for 3 days but i was lucky and snagged one.

hard joe3432d ago

android ftw!
eat that you overpriced apple products!

kamisama3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

huh and apple doesnt come out with a new device with 1 or 2 mild changes and all apple fans come out running to buy it same with most of there products

thebudgetgamer3432d ago

Every other company does the same thing yet Apple is the only one that gets beat up about it. Do you also get annoyed when Nvidia releases a new graphics card?

duplissi3432d ago

sorry budget, most other companies at least change the physical appearance more.... lol

the 4 and 4s look identical. all 5 evos look different, both atrix's look different, the gs1 and 2 look different.

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The story is too old to be commented.