5 of the best smartphones you're not going to buy

PCA: Take a peek at some of the best smartphones that you'll probably overlook in favour of a flashier iPhone 4S or Galaxy S II.

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C_Menz2373d ago

Many overlook them because to simply put it there are to many f'ing phones out there now. Once you search outside of iPhones and the top Droid phones it becomes a jumbled up mess. It would be awesome if every phone manufacturer would just have 3-5 phones. All we really need is a dirt cheap($40-$60), mid-range($75-$125), and a high-end($175+) phone for the yearly releases.

Instead we get dozens of phones releasing every month that just confuses the hell out of people.

mcstorm2373d ago

C_Menz if that is what you are looking for look at Windows Phone 7. Soon Nokia will have the Lumia 610 (Low end) Lumia (710 Mid range) Lumia (800/900) High end. They will all do more or less the same things too. You also have the HTC Radar (Mid range) and HTC Titan (High end) how much more simple do you want it?

Before I get a lot of fan boys saying WP7 is not high end it is it just dose not need 300 cores to work right.