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Iran says is building copy of captured US drone

Yahoo News via Associated Press: Iran claimed Sunday that it had recovered data from an American spy drone that went down in Iran last year including that it was used to spy on Osama bin Laden's house weeks before he was killed by U.S. forces. Iran also said it was building a copy of the surveillance aircraft.

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SnakeCQC2422d ago

this isn't tech news its just anti iran propoganda

C_Menz2421d ago

It is tech news... It would be pretty big news if Iran was able to reserve engineer the US Drone they captured. I'm sure if we ever go to war with Iran than the soldiers on the ground would love to know if they had stealth drones watching them.

SnakeCQC2421d ago

if they do reverse engineer good for them usa should not have entered iranian airspace to spy if roles were reversed the international community would have seen it as provocation for war and america would have gone to war with iran then

shackdaddy2421d ago

What are they gonna do - spy on us? If we made the technology, we obviously have ways to detect it.

No country makes a technology that they can't counter. That's just dumb...

wjbjnr2421d ago

So what?, US violates by entering drones illegally to Iran, Iranians capture it and learn from it.

What's the big deal ?

Adva2421d ago

Didn't you know? US is above the law. They can provoke and start wars, but when others enter x country air space illegally, it's bad. Only Us can do it.