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Fonts and Web Design - How To Leave an Impression on Viewers

Geeks Have Landed: Fonts are considered an important element of any website graphic look and feel. The color, style and size of any font can be customized according to your varying website designs. However, before using any font in your web page design, it is important to understand its impact over the readers with typography and fonts. Fonts contribute an important element of any design layout, using them effectively improves the quality of your website design. The below mentioned are some basic ideas of font types and styles which can help you to embark with impressive website designs.

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Speed-Racer2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

What about web fonts or custom fonts? They can be embedded from the site's back end so when users load up the site, they also load up the font for viewing purposes.

gaffyh2372d ago

Yeah an example of a site that uses this is VG247, and it looks quite good. This article is pretty vague tbh though.

Speed-Racer2372d ago

What is even more surprising is that the site the article is hosted on is using Google web fonts xD.

sjtechblog2372d ago

Hah yeah. It's a guest post which I found quite interesting. She's going to be doing more articles like this, so no doubt you can point out the errors in those too! :P