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Facebook posts new proposed terms of service after reviewing user feedback

The Verge : Last month Facebook posted a series of proposed changes to its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities for user review. While none of the changes were substantive unto themselves, they did bring to light a handful of practices that were news to users, resulting in a substantial number of comments.

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Ramon3MR2375d ago

Here's some feedback for Facebook....we hate Timeline!

AgentWhite2375d ago

Timeline is the most awesome feature by Facebook . What else you want .
You can also remove the timeline see details here

Speed-Racer2374d ago

I don't mine Timeline but the fact that is constantly hides a majority of your content confuses the hell out of me. Hate having to expand content on some many ends of the TL. Also Chrome doesn't seem to like TL at all. Always gets extremely laggy for some reason.