Little boy lost finds his mother using Google Earth

BBC : Saroo was only five years old when he got lost. He was travelling with his older brother, working as a sweeper on India's trains. "It was late at night. We got off the train, and I was so tired that I just took a seat at a train station, and I ended up falling asleep."

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crxss2368d ago

title is misleading but still a good story. thanks google

AgentWhite2368d ago

i think this is the best use of google earth while considering the emotional factor .on the other hand google earth provides outstanding geo info and has awesome features .

thorstein2368d ago

Yeah. WONDERFUL Story/ sarcasm. 5 year old working late at night sweeping trains falls asleep because he was exhausted....

Eff india.

spicelicka2367d ago

wtf is that supposed to mean. The story is about how he actually found his mother through google maps. It's sad that his brother died, but it's still an amazing story because his mom got to see his face after all these years, can u imagine what that must be like?

thorstein2367d ago

wtf is that supposed to mean. The CHILD is FIVE years old. He should be attending school, not working all day sweeping trains.

Eff is short for the four letter word that starts with "F."

He should have been with his mother for his ENTIRE LIFE. Can you imagine what that would be like?

spicelicka2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

What are you talking aboutt? Of course he should be in school and he shouldn't have to go through all this. But that's the problem with the world. You're saying "Eff India" like its a person who chose to put that kid in that position, when most western countries leech off these countries to put themselves in good conditions.

I don't know if i understand you correctly, but that comment made it seem like you're an over-privileged kid with rich parents living in america. You have any idea what people in countries like India and Pakistan have to go through to make a living? You know anything about the world? Not everyone gets to go to school so easily. That kid lived in an extremely poor family and had to to sweep trains to make a living.

As mentioned below the story is about destiny, I understand that it's a sad story, but saying "Eff India" is just ignorant. You should be saying Eff poverty.

thorstein2366d ago

As is evidenced by your own lack of understanding, the religious caste system in India is responsible for this child being in the state he is in. "What people in India have to go through to make a living." You are joking right? Even if this kid got the education because he picked up a discarded book and extrapolated theories that have baffled mathematicians and scientists for decades, he would still have to sweep trains. That is why Eff India.

"Over privileged kid living off rich parents.." Lulz. I don't have to prove myself to you, but since you asked: No. I am the product of a single mom who needed food stamps to supplement the meager salary she earned as a secretary. She kicked out my abusive father. However, MY SOCIETY decided that education is available for ALL of its citizens. I went to public school at inner city schools and attended what was considered one of the roughest high schools in New York. By the time I was 18, six of my friends were dead or in jail. Out of ten, four of us made it.

But, even though I received Free Lunch and Breakfast AT SCHOOL, it is my society's investment in ME that has made me a success, has allowed me to rise out of my poor working class neighborhood and into a middle class neighborhood with a career that I love. It is this society that also helped with my college tuition so that I might be a professional.

India's society? It is against religious/ government policies for this child to rise above his caste. That society CHOOSES to woefully leave all of its citizens out of the educational loop. Many societies educate their citizenry, though their governments may be the opposites of our own, like Cuba, hell even Libya is getting on board. Iran educates its citizens. I R A N! So... YES, EFF INDIA, and all the people in power within that s-hole of a country.

How is saying eff India ignorant? The leaders of India are ignorant. The people in power are ignorant. Someone who calls them out for the atrocious way they treat their own people, ESPECIALLY their country's children isn't ignorant.

Perhaps you don't know the meaning of that word. Perhaps you are using it incorrectly. I am unsure. India is anything but an "impoverished country." If you want to know more on India, look it up. Do not use Wikipedia, except MAYBE for sources. Otherwise, there are plenty of non biased educational sites on the web that are chocked full of education. FREE education like that found in NORTH KOREA. Yes. North Korea educates its citizens. OR Vietnam.

So when I say eff India.... yes, EFF INDIA and its filthy, scum leadership.

spicelicka2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Bro i didn't ask for your biography, i just said that comment seemed ignorant. And i'm veryy well aware of the caste system there. I've studied it and i know the untouchable caste doesn't get any rights over there.

And i was born in Pakistan, lived half my life there before coming to Canada so don't even tell me about how hard it was for you to grow up in New york. Yes your school allowed you to be where you are, just like my school allowed me to be educated over there. But only because my parents were able to afford it. Yes it's a shitty system having to pay for education because that's because of the lack of resources in the country and asshole courrupt politicians.

My only gripe with your comment was u saying "Eff India". Your generalization frustrates me. Like i said i'm from Pakistan and i know how bad it is there, all the horrible people that are ruining the country. But I still belive in my people and care for my country so if you said "Eff Pakistan" just like that, it would piss me off. You're saying New york gave u chance to build your future but you're not saying Eff America for starting all these bullshit wars, suppressing so many countries.

And btw you do know that India is one of the fastest developing coutries right now. Most engineers, doctors, and some of the smartest people come from that country. Their caste system is slowly dissappearing and they're on their way to building a well established democracy among hundreds of types of people there. You ignore all that by saying Eff India.

Say anything u want about politicians, leaders, or the people in power. But don't condone another country because there are still many good people that care and are trying to change society over there.

I dont know why we're arguing about this, this story was just about a little boy who was pushed aside by the shitty system and found his mother after all these years. It's so simple.

Moncole2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

At least he got a better life in Australia than he would have gotten in India.

AgentWhite2367d ago

Its all about destiny ...incredible story .