Phone graphics will surpass game consoles soon, says Nvidia

TechRadar - The graphics of Xbox 360 games and those on PS3 may have peaked, as those consoles are several years old by now.

But, the video game graphics seen on mobile phones continue to improve.

Nvidia, a tech company best known for its powerful graphics processors, says mobile video game graphics are about to surpass those seen on dedicated video game consoles.

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Gondee2374d ago

Im so tired of this crap, new consoles will just come out and decimate the look of phone games. This isn't amazing in any way. Following moors law, at the bare minimum, 18 months after xbox came out, there was a processing unit 2 times as fast, another 18 months and there is one 2 times as fast as that.

That means, in theory, Todays processing units have 32 times the power of when the xbox 360 came out. Wait another 18 months, and we will have 64 times the power.

I for one have not seen a phone game that looks as good as the original xbox.

Strange_Evil2374d ago

'I for one have not seen a phone game that looks as good as the original xbox.'

Come on that's a bit of a stretch ain't it? PS Vita is a so called 'mobile device' and Uncharted on it looks nearly like a console game. In fact I am pretty sure UC on PSPV looks nearly as good as the first Uncharted (not the 2nd or 3rd.. those were definitely a step up). Even Infinity Blade on the iOS devices looks nearly next gen (it looks terrific on the new iPad retina display... Just looked at that when I went to the store the other day).

The problem isn't processing power. It's the battery life. Since more graphically intensive games = more battery drained, most manufacturers don't feel the need to cramp up so much power.

However, in terms of hardware, we are nearly there. The A15 ARM architecture based processors will be released, Samsung's gonna release it's Equinox processors and Apple just released it's A5X with Quad Core GPU... I am pretty sure if optimized, they can match the current console quality, if not surpass them.

tachy0n2374d ago

there is already one device that can do that... its called the PlayStation Vita..

mamotte2374d ago

Well, they dont steal us by launching a new console very year, like certain Apple company do. Besides, the problem isn't graphicsor power, the problem is game for phones doesnt have the same quality as console games. Get over it already.

Lord_Sloth2374d ago

Maybe so but their controls still suck ass.

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