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Samsung Galaxy S3 release date, news and rumours

TechRadar - Samsung's flagship 2011 Android phone received a glowing 5/5 score when we reviewed the Galaxy S2 earlier this year.

And it was no surprise - Samsung packed a very powerful and capable processor plus a very nice camera into an unbelievably slim case.

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fatstarr2372d ago

I cant wait anymore I need to see a true confirmed phone. every time I see one of these the phone specs get worse

KingPin2372d ago

this is bullshit. my contract just expired last month and now they cannot confirm when this phone is being released. il get the s2 and a month later this will be released and il be like Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!

the least they could do is give a decent provisional release date. coz im not getting the S2 hoping this phone will be released by June at least.

Aussiegamer2372d ago

Rumored the phone will be released early may. World wide.